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Who are we?

Companeo is the European leader in helping professionals find suppliers.

We enable SME decision-makers, self-employed professionals, retailers, associations, joint production committees and local communities to find suppliers of products and services to better develop and manage their activities. This service is free of charge and carries no obligation.

How do we do this? COMPANEO has vetted and selected 5,000 Agreed Suppliers offering hundreds of products andd services across six major activity sectors :

  • Commercial development: Marketing, Sales, Communication, ...

  • Business Management: Insurance, Finances, Accounting, ...

    IT & Telecommunications: Internet, Phone Systems, Networking, Maintenance, Computers, ...

  • General Services: Furniture & Office Equipment, Transport & Logistics, Vending Machines, ...

  • Commercial Vehicles: Purchase, Long Term Rental, Financing, Leasing, Second Hand, ...

  • Companeo depends entirely on its Agreed Suppliers for turnover. Users can leverage our service free of charge via telephone or the Internet to find the suppliers they need to succeed. This guarantees users total independence in their choice of suppliers.

    Companeo is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association

    As a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Companeo satisfies the requirement to adhere to the DM Code of Practice, the direct marketing industry’s most far-reaching set of best practice guidelines. The DM Code is upheld by the industry’s independent self-regulatory body, the Direct Marketing Commission. DMA membership is a recognised indication of professionalism and integrity.

    The Direct Marketing Association UK is Europe's largest trade association in the marketing and communications sector. They manage programmes that protect consumers against bad practice and increase consumer trust, including the DMA Preference Services. The DMA also set up the DM Commission, which monitors conduct in the industry.


    Companeo, winner of a 2011 European Business Award in Barcelona, Spain

    This award recognises businesses that demonstrate exceptional financial results, strong growth and innovative strategies. Contestants are judged on criteria such as creativity, ethics, user loyalty, long-term business vision and consistency of results.

    « Winning this wonderful prize as a fast growing business makes us really proud at Companeo. It is a tribute to all Companeo teams throughout Europe, our 1 million users and our 5,000 suppliers. »
    Laurent Horwitz, CEO and co-founder of COMPANEO

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    Companeo in Europe

    • UK
      COMPANEO Ltd

      Fifth Floor, 133 Houndsditch,
      London EC3A 7BX
      Tel: 0808 168 8945
      Fax: 0207 953 9882


      10 place du général de Gaulle
      BP 20156
      92186 ANTONY CEDEX
      Tel: +33 (0)826 622 622
      Fax: +33 (0)825 16 00 11


      Burgemeester Etienne Demunterlaan 3 bus 6,
      1090 Brussel - België
      Tel: +32 (0)2 790 98 32
      Fax: +32 (0)2 790 98 49


      Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 27-29
      50672 Köln
      Tel : 49 (0) 221 58 47 56 00
      Fax : 49 (0) 221 58 47 56 99

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